Coldsnap Minisite Update

Posted in Arcana on June 21, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

So you've been wondering what's going on with this new/old set, Coldsnap. First you hear that it's a long-lost set from the Wizards vaultsthen we set you straight that it's actually a new set designed to cohere with a never-completed Ice Age block. Now it's time to strap on the fur gloves—and that one hat you got from your always-freezing aunt, the one with the earflaps on it—because now it's time to face that wintry blast for yourself.

For today, the Coldsnap minisite goes live.

Here's what you'll find, now and later:

  • NOW: “The Horror at Ronom Glacier,” original Coldsnap fiction by Doug Beyer, featuring art from Coldsnap
  • NOW: The entire scanned contents of the Ice Age comic from 1996, part 1 of 2
  • NOW: Coldsnap Orb of Insight

  • LATER: Coldsnap feature article and card preview by Rei Nakazawa (coming June 26)
  • LATER: Original Coldsnap fiction by Adam Lee (coming June 28)
  • LATER: The Ice Age comic, part 2 of 2 (coming June 28)
  • LATER: Original Coldsnap fiction by Monty Ashley (coming July 5)

Go now, check it out!

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