Coldsnap Zoom-Ins

Posted in Arcana on August 7, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

R&D's creative team plus a Magic artist is a powerful and sometimes subtle combination. Once design and development construct a card's mechanic, the creative team weaves it conceptually into the setting, and the artist realizes that vision in paint and pixels. In the course of all this collaboration, the Magic card gets flooded in rich detail, which all gets tucked into a few square inches of cardboard. We'd like to take a moment to zoom in on a few of the more subtle Coldsnap art pieces so you can appreciate some of that detail.

Krovikan Scoundrel art by Ralph Horsley

Krovikan Scoundrel depicts a petty criminal from the plague-stricken city of Krov, fingering some coins he has recently plundered. In the upper left you can see the victim of his crime—and the victim's sliced-open coin purse.

Mystic Melting art by Chippy

Green has an answer to the Ice-Phyrexian war machines animated by Heidar—a quick thaw and those machines grind to a halt. In the art of Mystic Melting, you can see two travelers who have journeyed to see the ruined Phyrexian carcass.

Disciple of Tevesh Szat art by Pete Venters

This creepy disciple to the dark lord Tevesh Szat performs a bloodletting ritual in his lair. Note how, in the disciple's scrying pool, you can see a barbarian suffering the effects of the ritual.

See also here for a zoom-in on Skred!

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