Commander (2014 Edition) Tokens

Posted in Arcana on October 28, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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Anyone who plays a lengthy enough game of Commander has had this exchange more than a few times.

"What are those dice with the threes?"

"This one is a 3/3 Beast. That one is three Soldier tokens."

"Ah. And what's that Transformers figurine?"

"A 5/5 Demon. With flying. Obviously."

Tokens are everywhere in Commander, and so it only seems right that this year's edition of Commander comes with some tokens.

Some tokens might be a bit of an understatement. If you pick up all five Commander decks, you end up with a lot of tokens.

For example, maybe you saw Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath yesterday (if not, definitely check out the Card Image Gallery) and noticed that he makes 5/5 black Demon creature tokens, like this:

Of course, that also means an Ob Nixilis Emblem is included as well.

What other tokens will you get in the set? Well, we're not quite ready to show off all of the tokens (or emblems!) the set has to offer, as some are specific enough to give away some other cards we'd like to show you later on, but we do have a bunch we can show off today!

And if you look closely enough, you might spot three tokens that give away two pretty cool reprints…

Did you catch that? Right at the end there, all in a row to make it easier? Commander (2014 Edition) is seeing the return of two favorite suicidal token makers, Wurmcoil Engine and Tuktuk the Explorer!

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