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Posted in Arcana on July 2, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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As the final core set, Magic Origins has a fair number of reprints re-energizing Standard. Just last Friday Sam Stoddard re-introduced us to Goblin Piledriver. And while not all reprints can be that splashy, we'll be happy to have a number of these back in Standard…or continuing in Standard for the time being. So, as a bonus preview before the entire set is revealed tomorrow, here are five returning common cards in Magic Origins, one for each color.

Originally printed in M14, Celestial Flare saw quite a bit of Standard play in White-Blue Control decks while also playing a pretty strong role in Limited. Back again in Origins, it seems like a pretty good way to handle lone Dragons going after your life total.

Good old Negate. It's not going anywhere any time soon.

Originally printed as a common in Onslaught, Nantuko Husk was bumped to an uncommon for Ninth Edition and Tenth Edition, where it saw quite a bit of Standard play in concert with Promise of Bunrei. That combo is long gone, but Origins gives you another opportunity to seek out Nantuko Husk-powered combos.

Here's a saucy one. Often seen in Modern Burn sideboards, Smash to Smithereens hasn't seen the light of Standard since Shadowmoor. Now back to wreck the dreams of many an artificer, Smash will surely see some play if there are any artifacts that need exploding.

Finally, we have Might of the Masses, a truly tough trick back in Rise of the Eldrazi. Best when paired with tokens, Might of the Masses can deliver a ton of damage for a single mana. Be very wary of it when doing math in Limited. "She can't surely deal an extra 5 damage for a single mana, can she?" Yes, yes she can.

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