Conflux Booster Packs

Posted in Arcana on December 16, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

We were supposed to wait until 2009 to start showing off images from Conflux, but we told the bosses, "No! We're not going to wait! We're going to show off the boosters right now! What do you think about that, bosses?" And what could the bosses say? They couldn't say anything! So here we go!

What you've got here is an angel, but not just any angel. We'd tell you what the card does, but the bosses won't let us. Darn those bosses! Let's move on.

And this is a, um ... what is that? It's too scary to look at. We'd better keep going.

Ah! This looks like the same majestic figure we saw on last Friday's wallpaper, doesn't it?

Of course, all these boosters come packed full of delicious Conflux cards, and are themselves packed in this handsome display box:

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