A Couple of Misers

Posted in Arcana on July 5, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Saviors of Kamigawa enhances the rest of the Kamigawa block in part by making hand size explicitly matter. Two blue creatures, Minamo Scrollkeeper and Trusted Advisor, do that by increasing your maximum hand size, allowing you to build up bigger and bigger Soramaro, First to Dreams or Sokenzan Spellblades, for example.

Since black is the color of discard, it instead forces your opponent to have a smaller hand size. Two black creatures punish your opponent's hand in ways that mirror the Scrollkeeper and the Advisor. Both are rat shamans, representing a particular sect of the Nezumi: insect shamans.

Gnat Miser
Locust Miser

These hand-size-surpressing shamans use incantations to summon and control insects to swarm their enemies. The incessant buzzing distracts and irritates, lowering a mage's potential for Cowed by Wisdom.

Note that the Mirage card Miser's Cage also punishes an opponent with a full hand. (Mise from Unhinged, however, is actually is a card-drawing spell. It refers to the Magic slang term referred to in its flavor text, not to the quality of being a stingy hoarder.)

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