Crispy Nim

Posted in Arcana on July 13, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Above is a detail shot of the art of a Fifth Dawn card. These guys are Nim. Nim are pernicious ex-people that have become zombified by the necrogen puffed out of the smokestacks of the Mephidross Swamp. These particular Nim are having somewhat of a bad day -- they seem to have pained grimaces on under their cranial plating and are bent over in agony. In fact, now that we look closely, their limbs and -- guts? -- appear to be burning up from the inside! What's happening to these unfortunates?

This sketch might give us a clue.

Here we see a shockwave of devastating light radiating outward from a white-aligned human wizard. It's not clear why he's expelling this light so ruthlessly, but certainly it could wreak some carnage on a few nearby Nim.

Here's the answer, the relationship between the two images.

Retaliate art by Vance Kovacs


This is the final art of the card Retaliate, by Vance Kovacs. The concept behind the card is that the white wizard has emitted this holy shockwave to exact justice on some evil Nim that had been clawing at him. What we're seeing is that very moment of old-school, Leonin-style justice. Who says white doesn't have burn spells?

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