Crovax the Cursed

Posted in Arcana on February 15, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Crovax the Cursed
The card Crovax the Cursed represents the cursed nobleman Crovax after he has become transformed into a vampire. And then there's Ascendant Evincar, which depicts Crovax after he's become the evincar of Rath. But that's not all the cards that depict this former Weatherlight crewman's bloody history -- not even close.

Enfeeblement shows Crovax despairing over his betrayal by Selenia, Dark Angel.

Slaughter shows him killing Mirri, Cat Warrior soon after becoming a vampire.

Death Stroke
Death Stroke shows Crovax slaying Selenia in revenge, sealing his doom and fulfilling his curse.

Gerrard's Verdict
And Gerrard's Verdict depicts Gerrard Capashen killing the now cruel and genocidal evincar Crovax.

There are plenty more. What other cards can you find that show off this tortured soul? Check out the Magic Storyline Summaries page for more stories of Crovax and the Weatherlight.

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