Crucible of Worlds

Posted in Arcana on November 19, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

It's Worlds Week, so we here at Magic Arcana Headquarters thought it would be fun to retell the story of Crucible of Worlds. Because it has "Worlds" in its title, see?

Crucible of Worlds

As you might remember (if you were around six years ago), Crucible of Worlds was the result of the second You Make the Card. And after fourteen community votes, Crucible of Worlds was born!

Most of the votes don't really lend themselves to retrospective Arcana-ifying. If you're really interested in the way "Artifact" won the first vote, check out Mark Rosewater's wrap-up. But we thought it might be interesting to look back at Step 11: Picking a Sketch.

In Step 9, the readers of selected Ron Spencer to draw the "Hourglass" concept that had been settled on in Step 8. And here are the sketches that people chose from!

It will come as no surprise at this point that Sketch 3 won. Still, let's have a look at the final art. Because it's pretty!

Crucible of Worlds art by Ron Spencer

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