Dark Ascension Fat Pack

Posted in Arcana on January 16, 2012

By Monty Ashley

We got an actual Dark Ascension Fat Pack at Arcana Headquarters. Would you like to see what's in it? Of yourse you would!

Dark Ascension Fat Pack

This is what the Fat Pack looks like from the outside. If you want to get one, look for things that look exactly like this.

Dark Ascension Fat Pack

Once you remove the outer wrapper, it turns into a handsome portrait of Sorin, as seen in the background there. The other two things that are immediately visible are the Dark Ascension Player's Guide and a mysterious box. The Player's Guide has information about the set and the world, some combos, and the full Dark Ascension Card Encyclopedia. But what could be in the box?

Dark Ascension Fat Pack

Ah! It appears to be some amount of Magic cards! Let's see what happens when they're removed from the box and arranged artfully for the camera, shall we?

Dark Ascension Fat Pack

Nine Dark Ascension booster packs? Check! Two deck-sized card boxes? Check! A Dark Ascension Spindown life counter? Check! And a pack of seventy basic land? Also check!

The Dark Ascension Fat Pack will be available in stores at the same time as the rest of Dark Ascension goes on sale on February 3. The MSRP is $39.99.

Oh, before we go, how about a better look at that Sorin picture?

Sorin | Art by Karl Kopinski

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