Dark Ascension on UltraPro

Posted in Arcana on December 8, 2011

By Monty Ashley

Hey! Look up here! Don't just skip by this introductory paragraph to look at the picture right below it! Oh, it's too late. You already saw it, didn't you? It's one of the new Dark Ascension sleeves that UltraPro is going to have. There are three new images that you might be interested in. Well, if you already looked at the image right below this paragraph, you only have two new ones to look forward to.

Those are card sleeves, and not to give anything away or anything, but it's just barely possible that the character depicted is Sorin Markov. Maybe. But it obviously is. Here's a deck box with a different Dark Ascension image that's also coming!

Did you know that UltraPro has playmats? Well, they do! And in the future, one of them will look like this:

That's not all the card-storage options, of course. There are card boxes and binders of various sizes, for example. But since we've run out of Dark Ascension images, that's where we're going to stop. Enjoy!

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