Deprive: By Request

Posted in Arcana on May 11, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Over on @dailymtg, the official Twitter feed of this very website, we are happy to receive requests. For exampe, we got this one last Friday from @AffinityForBlue:

@dailymtg Any chance you guyscould share the art description for Deprive? maybe on an Arcana?

Well, sure, I guess we could do that. We could do that ... right now!

Color: Blue spell

Action: A human or elf nature mage has just had his/her spell foiled, and the spell's remnants have exploded like a paint bomb. The nature mage stands in front of a rock face, bracing from the blasted-apart spell, and the "spell-stuff" is splashed all over the mage and the rock face behind him/her. The splashed stuff gives the impression of a radial splatter painting, and the splatter, through some kind of strange magic, forms a rough, partial landscape "painting" from the spashes of spell goo.

Focus: the exploded spell and the 'art' it has created

Mood: Creation through destruction

And hey, as long as we've got you here, why not show Izzy's sketch?

Deprive | Sketch by Izzy

After a few tweaks, that sketch ended up as this final piece of art.

Deprive | Art by Izzy

And here's what it looks like at card size in packs of Rise of the Eldrazi!


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