Dissension Token Art

Posted in Arcana on May 25, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

The Dissension release for Magic Online is right around the corner! The set features four new pieces of art commissioned for the latest crop of token-generating cards. So, while you drool at the prospect of picking up your Momir Vig and Lyzolda avatars (see Bennie Smith's article today for more on those), here's an exclusive look at the new token menaces you'll be summoning up shortly.

Snake token art
Dissension Snake token art (for Patagia Viper) by Christopher Moeller

Drake token art
Drake token art (for Leafdrake Roost) by Nick Percival

Wurm token art
Elemental token art (from research // development, of research // development) by Greg Staples

Wurm token art
Bird token art (for Pride of the Clouds and Dovescape) by Shishizaru

Dissension goes on sale May 30th for Magic Online, and release tournaments start up June 1st, so you'll be swinging in with your own copies of these creatures in no time. See you then!

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