Dragons in the big leagues

Posted in Arcana on April 30, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Covetous Dragon

Dragons aren’t just for the young tikes, no sir.

Pro Tour – Venice reminded us that sometimes the best strategies in Magic involve big creatures, and that event was not the first time that large red flyers dominated the skies on the professional level.

David Price immortalized himself in Magic lore with his win at Pro Tour LA 1998 with a mono-red deck featuring Rathi Dragon. The great Kai Budde's first Pro Tour win also came using Dragons—this time Covetous Dragon in a mono-red artifact-based deck. Pro Tour – Chicago 2000 showcased two Top 8 decks with Dragons: Zvi Mowshowitz's Fires deck employed Two-Headed Dragon and Brian Kibler's Red Zone made use of Rith, the Awakener. And who could forget Darwin Kastle's Dragon deck at Venice?

All five decklists are provided below.

Deadguy Red (Tempest Block)

Download Arena Decklist

Covetous Wildfire (Standard)

Download Arena Decklist

My Fires (Standard)

Download Arena Decklist

Red Zone (Standard)

Download Arena Decklist

The Claw (Onslaught Block)

Download Arena Decklist

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