Dragons of Tarkir, Basically

Posted in Arcana on March 12, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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Spoiler alert—Dragons of Tarkir has basic lands. All five of them even! True story!

As far as previews go, that's not the most interesting. You knew they were coming. You might have even done the math to figure out that there were fifteen variations in the set—three for each color. You probably know what happens when you tap an Island.

But the fun part of revealing the basic lands is the art—the often gorgeous, world-defining art that paints a literal landscape of the world we're inhabiting.

Also, they're pretty.

First, here are the fifteen basic lands in card form:


All very fun to look at (and, soon, to play with), but I also want to call out a few specific pieces of art. This Plains, for example, showcases just how common Dragons are in the world—they're often just seen casually flying around Ojutai temples.

Plains | Art by Florian de Gesincourt

Likewise, in this Island, you can see half a dozen Dragons circling while a storm rages around them.

Island | Art by Florian de Gesincourt

You can also spot a Dragon in the clouds of this Swamp if you look carefully, but I'm more in love with the moody coloring and the deep purple in the center of the frame.

Swamp | Art by Noah Bradley

You might have actually seen this Mountain art earlier, with the lava flowing out from its many crags.

Mountain | Art by Titus Lunter

Last, but not least, is an imposing fortress of the Dromoka clan on one of the Forests.

Forest | Art by Sam Burley

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