Dragons of Tarkir Promos

Posted in Arcana on March 4, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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Yesterday, we showed off the promo cards that serve as the faces of the Intro Packs (hint: they were all Dragons), but every set has a number of promos beyond just those five (Dragons). As a bonus, this includes a few cards you haven't seen yet!

Tarkir Dragonfury Game

First up, we have our Prerelease activity, the Tarkir Dragonfury Game, which Gavin Verhey told you all about last week.

What he couldn't show you, however, were the promo cards that came with doing well in the game. But I can! Because I have special promo-showing powers. They are:

(Editor's Note: Earlier versions of the article included a version of Sunscorch Regent as a possible prize for the Dragonfury Game. That was incorrect.)



If you play in any Launch Event March 27–29—including Friday Night Magic, and on top of any other promos you might receive—you just might bring death and destruction to your foes with Deathbringer Regent.

Game Day

The weekend of April 18–19, 2015, stores all around the world will be holding Dragons of Tarkir Game Day. Just for participating, you can receive this full-art Scaleguard Sentinels, which may not be a Dragon, but it sure is friendly with them.

And if you're lucky or good enough to make the Top 8 of your Game Day, you get this beauty:

Additionally, the winner of Dragons of Tarkir Game Day at each store will receive an exclusive playmat.


Finally, stores will be able to provide a small number of the Buy-a-Box promo, Ojutai's Command. The distribution is up to stores, so ask your local store if you want to get your hands on one of the newest Commands. Because why wouldn't you? Just look at this thing!

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