Echoing Art

Posted in Arcana on March 14, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The Darksteel cycle of “echoing” spells each affect all permanents that share a name with their target. The “echoing” title, in this case, doesn’t relate to the mechanic echo (of Timbermare fame), but instead to a figurative repetition of the spell’s effect.

Greg Staples illustrated each of these spells, and each depicts beams of colored light falling down on its multiple targets. Perhaps you’ve felt similar beams of light emptying your board of Saprolings or blowing up all your Ancient Dens…

Echoing Calm art by Greg Staples

In Echoing Calm, evil enchantments are being cleansed from three loxodons. Note how the two in the background have red-glowing eyes, indicating that the spell hasn’t eradicated their afflictions yet.

Echoing Truth art by Greg Staples

Echoing Truth depicts a pair of dragons being washed away by waves from the Quicksilver Sea. (We’ve seen before what type of dragons these are in the art.)

Echoing Decay art by Greg Staples

In Echoing Decay we see two leonin soldiers being wiped out by the force of the spell. In Mirrodin Block art, black magic is typically represented with pale green coloration, symbolizing the taint of necrogen gas.

Echoing Ruin art by Greg Staples

Echoing Ruin shows a pair of artifacts getting targeted by a spell of rust and corrosion. These were war wagons constructed by goblins of the Oxidda Mountains.

Echoing Courage art by Greg Staples

Echoing Courage depicts human warriors in the Tangle, Mirrodin’s metal forest, receiving the benefit of a spell of strength and growth.

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