Emissaries of Hope and Despair

Posted in Arcana on April 22, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Like a pair of competitive twins, Darksteel's Emissary of Hope and Emissary of Despair are Spirits with similar, yet philosophically opposed, game plans. The white one wants to nurture its master by providing life for each artifact the defending player controls. The black one wants to punish the enemy by inflicting life loss for each artifact he or she controls.

Emissary of Hope
Emissary of Despair

However they are both 2/1 flyers for three mana. And their art boxes, both pieces by rk post, are very similar as well, almost mirror images of each other. Let's take a close look at these rival siblings and see if we can't get them to see eye to eye.

Below is a picture of the two Spirits facing each other:

Here's the art of Emissary of Hope, reversed left-to-right so that we can compare its symmetries to the art of Emissary of Despair. Click the links below the image to alternate between the two pieces.

Emissary of Hope
by rk post (reversed)
Emissary of Despair
by rk post

Close-Up Art Quiz #2 Answers

How many of the close-ups in yesterday's quiz were you able to identify? Here are the close-ups again:

And the answers are:

A: Wand of the Elements B: Myr Matrix C: Auriok Siege Sled D: Purge

Turns out they were all from Darksteel.

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