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Posted in Arcana on June 9, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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Yesterday, Mark Rosewater went through the long history of evergreen keyword abilities and actions, churning through much of the game's history and trivia…

Trivia, you say?

Clearly, it's time for a quiz to test your knowledge on all things evergreen (or nearly so). Many of these answers can be found in Mark's column from yesterday, so read up if you want to pass.

  1. Mark divulged that three keywords were being made evergreen in Origins, one of which was new. Name the new one.
  2. Now name the other two.
  3. What keyword was used for some time to mean "destroy target thing. It cannot be regenerated."
  4. What did it mean when a creature had "Islandhome."
  5. This Alpha "Enchant Creature" (now an Aura) lent its name to a keyword ability that was replaced with a different keyword ability. Name the Aura.
  6. What keyword replaced the answer to number 5? And what ability replaced that ability?
  7. What keyword ability obviated the need for special rules concerning a specific creature type?
  8. What keyword was sort-of introduced in Darksteel, but as a normal English descriptor rather than a keyword (it was later made into a keyword)?
  9. What Alpha keyword was so unpopular that it was initially made optional, then removed from the game entirely?
  10. With what Core Set was banding finally removed from the game?

Art by Miles Johnston

  1. Menace
  2. Scry and prowess
  3. Bury
  4. "If the defending player does not control any islands, this cannot attack. If you control no islands, sacrifice this creature." Landhome, the generic version of the ability, didn't last very long, and it was mostly used on Serpents in blue.
  5. Fear
  6. Intimidate replaced fear, and menace is replacing intimidate.
  7. Defender. Prior to the use of defender, Walls were a creature type that couldn't attack.
  8. Indestructible
  9. Ante. For some reason players didn't like losing and then having to give away a card on top of that. Who knew?
  10. Sixth Edition

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