The Exemplar Program

Posted in Arcana on December 2, 2015

By Aaron Hamer

Aaron Hamer is the Judge Community Assistant.

Hi! I'm Aaron Hamer, the interim community manager serving the Magic judge community, and today I get the privilege of talking to you about the Exemplar Program.

The Exemplar Program is a way for judges to recognize other judges who go above and beyond. In its first year, this program encouraged hundreds of judges to publically recognize their fellow judges for their contributions to the Magic community (from local WPN stores to the Pro Tour) and gave judges the opportunity to receive more premium foil promotional cards than ever before!

In an effort to expand recognition for judges around the world, the judges overseeing the Exemplar Program are expanding the number of judges who can be recognized, and are looking to find ways to better recognize contributions that serve regional development and global judge initiatives separate from the existing peer-to-peer recognition process.

Ideally, the Exemplar Program will sync up with set releases—but to do that, the judges overseeing the Exemplar Program are currently evaluating ways to more efficiently review recognition nominations and streamline the delivery process.

Finally, we'd like to do a better job of highlighting the stories behind the Exemplar Program. As we all know, judges volunteer their time to give back to the Magic community. I've seen judges soothe upset children, help players with last-minute travel arrangements, and calmly handle medical emergencies. Judges should be recognized for their contributions, and we are working with the Exemplar Program team to find great stories to include in an upcoming article series.

The judges running the Exemplar Program recently finished processing the latest round of peer recognition. This doesn't happen without a lot of time and dedication. The Exemplar team deserves a ton of gratitude for its service to the judge community. Thanks, folks!

If you'd like to know more about the latest updates going forward, I encourage you to follow the Exemplar Program blog.

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