The Face of the Game

Posted in Arcana on December 24, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

When we say "the face of Magic, what do you think of? Serra Angel? Shivan Dragon? Maro?

Well, what if we were to tell you (or, in the case of the old-time players, remind you) that for years and years, the face of the game was . . . Hurloon Minotaur:

Hurloon Minotaur

This guy was everywhere, from denim jackets to the rulebook. When Wizards of the Coast opened a fancy Game Center in Seattle, guess who was there to greet people?

Hurloon Minotaur welcomes you to the Game Center!

In fact, the Hurloon Minotaur was actually the face of the game before the game was even published. Check out this ad for Magic (from Primal Order: Chessboards, an early Wizards of the Coast product), printed event before Hurloon had been added to the name:

Anatomy of the Card

Incidentally, the Game Center Minotaur took a vacation when the Game Center was closed down. Now he lives very happily in a private backyard:

Hurloon Minotaur welcomes you to a backyard!

And here's an assortment of other places the Minotaur has turned up:

In the original Alpha rulebook

In handsome pin form

A prototype Hurloon Minotaur tailcoat (only one was ever made!)

The Hurloon Minotaur denim jacket (sold only to Wizards of the Coast employees back in 1995 or so)

So, in honor of the former Face of the Game, here's a larger version of our old friend, the Hurloon Minotaur.

Hurloon Minotaur
Hurloon Minotaur art by Anson Maddocks

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