Fat Pack Murals #2

Posted in Arcana on September 11, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Last time on As the Fat Pack Murals Turn, the Ninth Edition mural had just proposed marriage to the Ravnica mural, despite already being married to his evil twin, the Guildpact mural, and pregnant with the Dissension mural's baby.

As the curtains open on today's episode, the Coldsnap mural has vowed revenge, but the Time Spiral block murals might have a little something to say about it...

Coldsnap fat pack mural: Rimescale Dragon vs. Adarkar Valkyrie
Art by Dan Dos Santos

Time Spiral fat pack mural: Bogardan Hellkite vs. Serra Avenger
Art by Aleksi Briclot

Planar Chaos fat pack mural: Oros, the Avenger vs. Akroma, Angel of Fury
Art by Daren Bader

Future Sight fat pack mural: Korlash, Heir to Blackblade vs. Tombstalker
Art by Jean-Sebastien Rossback

The Tenth Edition fat pack is on sale now.

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