Final Coldsnap Minisite Update!

Posted in Arcana on July 5, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

This week, Adam Lee, Coldsnap flavor text writer extraordinaire, brings you a tale of icy drama to complete the offerings of the Coldsnap minisite.

It answers the question, “When dying is not an option, what does a slain soldier do?” In other words, what are the advantages—and drawbacks—of fighting on the same battlefield as Adarkar Valkyrie? You’ll see other Coldsnap cards and creatures make cameos in Adam’s story as well.

Additionally, this week the Coldsnap minisite reveals four Adult Swim ads that never made it to to air. You'll find them on the "Lore From Terisiare" page for your viewing pleasure, along with an introduction from Jake Theis of Magic Brand fame.

That does it for the Coldsnap minisite, but the Coldsnap fun is just beginning. See you at the prerelease!

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