Fire, Lightning, and a Deck List

Posted in Arcana on November 8, 2010

By Monty Ashley

As you may already be aware, the sixty-card, all-foil Fire & Lightning deck is coming out on November 19. That's only eleven days away! And you might be wondering what exactly is in it. Well, there's all-new art for Jackal Pup, for one thing.

Jackal Pup | Art by Kev Walker

Classy, right?

What? You want more? Well ... how about if we show you the entire deck list? Will that satisfy you? Remember, all of these cards will be in foil, using a process unique to this product. And it comes out November 19. Remember that part, too.

Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning

Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning

Download Arena Decklist

Still here? Well, how about a look at the unique foiling process? Look at how the mana symbol pops!

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