The First Card in the File

Posted in Arcana on January 23, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

In Wizards of the Coast's internal database, Multiverse, cards are labeled by codes that identify the card and describe its sort order in a given set. The numbering system is the same from set to set-it includes codes for the card's rarity and color, and an ID number. The codes are ordered in the same way every set, too-they run in WUBRG order, then by rarity, then by ID number. Therefore, the first card in the set's Multiverse "file" always has the same code number, and is always a white common card. For example, the card with the first code in Alpha is Benalish Hero. In the Planar Chaos set, it's Whitemane Lion.

Check out this chart of all those "first cards in the file" throughout Magic's history.

First CardSet
Abbey MatronHomelands
Absolver ThrullGuildpact
Alabaster PotionLegends
Argivian BlacksmithAntiquities
Army of AllahArabian Nights
Auriok GlaivemasterDarksteel
Benalish HeroAlpha
Benalish HeroBeta
Benalish HeroUnlimited
Benalish HeroFifth Edition
Benalish InfantryWeatherlight
Charm PeddlerMercadian Masques
Cheap AssUnhinged
Circle of Protection: BlueRevised
Circle of Protection: BlueIce Age
Circle of Protection: WhiteClassic Sixth Edition
D'Avenant ArcherChronicles
Dega DiscipleApocalypse
Devoted HeroPortal
Devout MonkPortal Three Kingdoms
Eager CadetStarter 1999
Eager CadetStarter 2000
Femeref HealerMirage
Foothill GuideOnslaught
Foriysian InterceptorTime Spiral
Frontline StrategistScourge
Harsh DeceiverChampions of Kamigawa
Healing SalveSeventh Edition
Holy StrengthFourth Edition
Honor GuardNinth Edition
Icatian InfantryFallen Empires
Jamuraan LionVisions
Kami of False HopeBetrayers of Kamigawa
Kitsune LoreweaverSaviors of Kamigawa
Kjeldoran OutriderColdsnap
Kjeldoran PrideAlliances
Leonin Den-GuardMirrodin
Leonin SquireFifth Dawn
Mesa ChickenUnglued
Mine BearerProphecy
Mystic FamiliarTorment
Netter en-DalNemesis
Opal ChampionUrza's Legacy
Plated SliverLegions
Shield MateExodus
Silent AttendantUrza's Saga
Soltari FootSoldierTempest
Soulsworn JuryDissension
Sunscape ApprenticeInvasion
Sunscape FamiliarPlaneshift
Suntail HawkJudgment
Tundra WolvesEighth Edition
Veteran ArmorerRavnica: City of Guilds
Volunteer MilitiaPortal Second Age
Wall of GlareUrza's Destiny
Whitemane LionPlanar Chaos
Youthful KnightStronghold

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