The first "creature artifact"

Posted in Arcana on February 12, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Recent cards like Chimeric Egg and Darksteel Brute are inheritors of a long tradition of artifacts that can temporarily become creatures. Way back in Alpha, Magic's first set, Jade Statue began that tradition.

Today, the rules for such artifact-to-creature changes are well-established (as are those for Stalking Stones, Hidden Gibbons, Myr Landshaper, Convulsing Licid and other crazy transformations). But back in Jade Statue's days, things weren't as well ironed out.

In fact, it was printed as a non-creature artifact that had power and toughness to represent its ability:

Jade Statue

An additional tidbit of trivia: Norin the Wary, the character quoted in Jade Statue's flavor text, is also quoted on The Dark and Chronicles card goblin shrine, and on Fifth and Sixth Edition's Animate Wall and sabretooth tiger.

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