Five Hall of Fame Ballots

Posted in Arcana on July 20, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame We're less than two weeks away from the announcement of the first four members of the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame. Votes from the 69 members of the Selection Committee are due Friday, so here's one last blast of ballot analysis, including ballots from Richard Garfield and Randy Buehler. Click on each name to see their ballot and read the reasoning behind their votes.

Richard Garfield, Inventor of Magic

"I likely have a different perspective on what the Hall of Fame means than the typical voter or follower of this vote. I have been told that as a voter, I should determine what I want a Hall of Fame vote to mean to me and vote that way. This would contribute to how we the voters look at every future ballot."

Randy Buehler, Director, Magic R&D

"All the guys I mentioned are still very worthy candidates, but there are three guys who should score higher than them on 'contributions to the Pro Tour' who aren't getting the credit they deserve: Brian Hacker, David Price, and Chris Pikula. I don't have room on my ballot for all three of them, but I'm going to make the case for each of them anyway and hope that future voters on future ballots will keep them in mind."

Brian David-Marshall, Pro Tour Historian

"This is the first ballot for the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, and as such I feel a need to cast my ballot for players with an exceptional level of accomplishment. Much has been made of the comparisons between Cooperstown and the Pro Tour Hall of Fame, so you could say I was looking for my equivalent of 3,000 base hits or 500 home runs – a sort of exclusive statistical club."

Michael "elf" Feuell, Magic Online Developer/Level 3 Judge

"When it came down to it, I had to stop and weigh a number of things. Did I want my vote to reflect pure accomplishments? How do I weigh accomplishments? Is lifetime earnings more important than Pro points? Is median finish more important than number of Top 8s? Or do I want to vote for people I'd like to see back on the Tour again? Should I be looking at lifetime overall accomplishments or just looking for peak accomplishments?"

Didier Monin, Organized Play Data System Manager

"Well, despite my memory woes, I am blessed with access to another type of memory: an electronic one. Being the guardian of our DCI database has its perks, and I know this is a memory I can rely on, and that I can tap. So I began to look into this well of knowledge..."

Check back on August 1st to see which four players will form the first class of the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

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