Five Weavers Weaving

Posted in Arcana on August 1, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The cycle of Weavers in Tenth Edition (Spirit Weaver, Sky Weaver, Hate Weaver, Rage Weaver, Might Weaver), brought to the Core Set from Invasion, help teach the concept of of allied color relationships to the new player. In their art, each of the Weavers is shown enhancing another creature that represents one or more of the colors friendly to it.

Spirit Weaver
Spirit Weaver grants a magical shield to a metathran soldier, representing his newfound resistance to damage.

Sky Weaver
Sky Weaver is himself a metathran, shown casting a spell that creates tiny symbolic wings. You can see in the background that an allied creature (probably a white-aligned soldier of some kind) has gained magical wings similar to the ones he’s weaving.

Hate Weaver
Hate Weaver, a zombie, weaves magical gauntlets onto a red-aligned human warrior, granting him a boost in power.

Rage Weaver
Rage Weaver is a red-aligned human, who is enhancing some green kavu with a little extra rage.

Might Weaver
Might Weaver pours magical potency onto a viashino ally. The red-aligned viashino warrior is now ready to trample over his enemies.

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