Flavor of the Feast

Posted in Arcana on October 6, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

When the Starter 1999 set was created, it was purposely given a different setting from regular Magic. We'll tell you about that setting some time, because it's kind of interesting and we have a lot of interesting documents sitting around. For now, though, the important part is that while many Magic cards were used, they were given slightly different spins because they were now set on "a remote continent of Dominaria".

Even the flavor text underwent this process. Here's the original Soul Feast from Urza's Destiny:

Soul Feast

As no one has ever accepted a second invitation to Davvol's table, the evincar often dines alone.

That's good, but it's too world-specific for Starter 1999. So it was boiled down to its essence:

Soul Feast

Evil often dines alone.

When Soul Feast moved into the core set with Seventh Edition, it got another spin, moving away from the lonely-archvillain theme:

Soul Feast

You are who you eat.

This art and flavor text stayed until Soul Feast's most recent incarnation in Tenth Edition, when the vampire art got a more specific description:

Soul Feast

"I smell the tang of a mortal's fresh blood. I hear it sliding wetly beneath its skin. My hunger cannot refuse the invitation." —Yuri, Sengir vampire

Finally, the flavor has come full circle, with a named character appearing in the flavor text. Neat!

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