A Flowstone Core

Posted in Arcana on August 2, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Ninth Edition is an opportunity not only for new players to learn Magic, but also for old-schoolers to enjoy its history. You'll find elements from many planes and timelines in this Core Set, from the antiquated Llanowar Elves to the wise Counsel of the Soratami of the moonfolk of Kamigawa, from the solemn Adarkar Wastes to Otarian Form of the Dragon.

One such flavor journey is a series of red cards related to flowstone. Flowstone in geology is the accumulation of calcite deposited by centuries of dripping water. Flowstone in Magic is a much more active substance -- magically animated stone that has attacked, afflicted and allied with mages across three planes.

Ninth Edition features three of these flowstone cards, one at each rarity:

Flowstone Shambler

Flowstone Crusher

Flowstone Slide

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