FNM Desert’s Long Journey

Posted in Arcana on July 29, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

The August 2008 Friday Night Magic promo card is an alternate-art Desert. The art featured in this promo was illustrated by Glen Angus who passed away in July 2007. This piece of art was actually commissioned for the Odyssey set, but it got bumped during an eleventh hour frenzy of art swapping.

Our story starts with this piece, which needed a home:

Art by Terese Nielsen

That art ended up on Luminous Guardian, which had the playtest name “Tireless Tribe”.

Luminous Guardian

The art Luminous Gaurdian used to have got bumped to a card with playtest name “Scars of the Earth”.

Art by Christopher Moeller

As you may recognize, “Scars of the Earth” became the card Need for Speed.

Need for Speed

Now the original art from Need for Speed (“Scars of the Earth”) needed a home.

Art by Glen Angus

Eventually that art ended up on Shadowblood Ridge, which had the playtest name “Moorlands”.

Shadowblood Ridge

The original art for “Moorlands” ended up getting bumped from the set.

Art by Glen Angus

But, thanks to the magic of promos, the displaced piece finally found the great home it deserved. Here’s how it all comes together on the Friday Night Magic August promo:

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