Focus on: Desecration Elemental

Posted in Arcana on July 8, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Demons don't have to have all the fun - there are plenty of other large black creatures in Magic with bad attitudes.

Take Desecration Elemental for example. You can see from the card text that it's an 8/8 Fear for . But take a closer look at the art by Pete Venters, and you can see the horrible truth of what this creature actually does.

Desecration Elemental
Desecration Elemental art by Pete Venters

It's a bloated entity with tendrils of ooze that animates corpses like puppets. It's shown here animating what look to be the remains of a leonin and a human. According to the flavor text, it uses these animated corpses to lure nim to its gaping maw. And note that, where it should have eyes, it has eight skulls instead! Is nothing sacred?!

transitive verb des·e·crat·ed, des·e·crat·ing, des·e·crates, des·e·cra·tion

  1. To violate the sacredness of; profane.

Well, okay, around a Desecration Elemental, I guess nothing is.

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