Frenetic Encounter

Posted in Arcana on August 1, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Under the printed wording of Frenetic Efreet (from the Mirage expansion), it is possible to make a Chance Encounter deck that can win ten coin flips in no time. Just play the Efreet on turn three, then the Encounter on turn four and then activate the Efreet a few thousand times in response to one another. The Efreet would either phase out or die as a result of the first resolution, but you'd get to keep flipping coins. And you'd be sure to win ten flips out of thousands, satisfying Chance Encounter's win condition.

But the alert people on the rules team stopped this little combo dead before it ever had a chance to work, issuing errata on Frenetic Efreet. According to the Oracle card reference, Frenetic should now read as follows:

Frenetic Efreet
Creature -- Efreet
{0}: If Frenetic Efreet is in play, flip a coin. If you win the flip, Frenetic Efreet phases out. If you lose the flip, sacrifice Frenetic Efreet.

Now if the Efreet isn't in play (and it won't be once a single flip resolves), you don't flip any more coins. So much for that killer combo!

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