Friendly Goblin

Posted in Arcana on December 10, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

When the Magic 2010 rules changes came around, one of the things the rules gurus wanted to do was to clean up "Bands with other". Here's how it originally worked in Legends:

You followed that, right? A creature with "bands with other green creatures" can band with other green creatures only if they also have that ability. That's always been odd, and it was time to ask if it could be improved somehow.

But what if the original creature wasn't even green? What does it mean if, say, there's a goblin with "bands with other minotaurs"? In order to answer this important question, the R&D whiteboard was used to solicit opinions. And, as so often happens, what it actually got was a bunch of sarcastic answers. Answers which we now share with you!

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