Fruitcake Elemental

Posted in Arcana on January 3, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Happy New Year! You may have seen a foily holiday surprise mentioned in the coverage of The Finish Line, Wizards of the Coast’s holiday party to celebrate the winner of the Great Designer Search (congratulations to Alexis Janson).

That foily surprise was Fruitcake Elemental, a special gift to all the Finish Line attendees and to Wizards’ internal teams and business partners. Check it out:

Illustrated by Darrell Riche and designed by a hand-selected committee of R&D elves, Fruitcake Elemental is one of the rarer promotional cards in recent memory and an indestructible acknowledgement of the importance of regifting.

Here’s a higher-resolution shot of the art of this frosting-shouldered, pecan-bellied, out-of-control emissary of holiday tidings (shown about to scarf down a polar bear):

Fruitcake Elemental art by Darrell Riche

We at Wizards of the Coast hope you had a happy holiday season and look forward to a tasty 2007.

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