Genju of the Realm

Posted in Arcana on January 27, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Genju of the Realm

The Betrayers Genju are a cycle-plus-one of Enchant Lands that represent the spirits of the lands. You can read Paul Sottosanti's history of their development here.

Genju of the Realm, the five-color "plus-one" of the cycle, represents the spirit of the entire Kamigawa world coming to life. Its art showcases this abstractly by showing an enormous kami with aspects of plains, islands, swamps, mountains and forests. Check it out below.

Genju of the Realm

The kami has plains spread across his right elbow, a boggy swamp on his left, mountains on his shoulders, a forest glade growing out of his head and a waterfall (representative of the Great Waterfall pictured on Island1) flowing out of his mouth.

(The floating masks near him are the energy objects that indicate his kami nature.)

Genju of the Realm is the only one of the genju that doesn't have to enchant a particular land type. It's also the only legendary one. It's also the first multicolor "gold" card printed in Magic's new card frame. So be sure to point out those factoids to your opponent, as you beat him down with an 8/12 trampling Crosis's Catacombs during a game of Prismatic!

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