Geth Who!

Posted in Arcana on November 9, 2010

By Monty Ashley

You are, of course, aware of Geth, the mighty legend from Scars of Mirrodin. He and his throne both appear in the set.

Geth, Lord of the Vault
Throne of Geth

Geth, Lord of the Vault | Art by Whit Brachna

But Geth is actually a holdover from the first time Magic went to Mirrodin (in Mirrodin).

Geth's Grimoire

In fact, you know the vault that Geth is the lord of? That's the same one as Disciple of the Vault!

Here are the pre-Scars of Mirrodin flavor text references to Geth.


Barter in Blood
Disciple of the Vault

Vault of Whispers


Burden of Greed

Fifth Dawn

Devour in Shadow

Arcana Flashback!

Mirrodin came out seven years ago, but was already here. So here's a snippet from October 20, 2003 that seems relevant today. Say hello to the original concept art for Ish Sah, the Vault of Whispers!

Ish Sah, the Vault of Whispers

Right: A concept illustration of Ish Sah, the so-called Vault of Whispers by Mark Tedin, which became black's artifact land. The Vault is a huge metallic structure with architecture reminiscent of metal skeletons. The interior of the Vault is shrounded in mystery, but is said to be the lair of a black-aligned warlord named Geth who commands many Nim. (Geth does not appear on a Mirrodin card directly, but is referred to in the flavor texts of Barter in Blood, Terror, and the Vault of Whispers itself.)

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