Glimpses of Teferi

Posted in Arcana on November 1, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

We took a look at the characteristic look of Teferi back in 2004, but since he’s now a Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, it’s worth taking another look.

Can you name these cards by their Teferi-involving art?

Art by Paolo Parente

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Teferi and Urza team up to close the Phyrexian portal on Disrupt.

Art by David Martin

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Spite  Malice

Teferi counters a spell on the “Spite” half of Spite // Malice.

Art by Todd Lockwood

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Slow Motion

Yep, that’s Teferi in there. In this scene, the artificer Jhoira looks on as Teferi becomes trapped in a “slow time” bubble, as seen on Slow Motion.

Art by Matthew D. Wilson

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Wash Out

Teferi “washes out” some kavu. See him in the background on the left?

Art by Adam Rex

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Teferi at age 10! Teferi’s the mischievous student on the left, getting reprimanded by his teacher. He was always a plucky lad.

And then there’s Teferi today, after the events of Time Spiral:

Art by D. Alexander Gregory & Jeremy Jarvis

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