Posted in Arcana on May 17, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Sometimes you just want to look at a cute little gnome, you know? But we like to stay current around here and there aren't any gnomes in Rise of the Eldrazi. What to do? Well, luckily for us, Urza's Saga hit Magic Online a little over a month ago. And we've been shockingly negligent in showing you some of the cool tidbits from that set!

We shall start with a cute gnome. Let's say you wanted to show something that a mage would use to keep track of time. You'd probably end up with Metrognome!


Metrognome | Art by Jeff Laubenstein

Now, back in 1998, you had to bring out beads or face-down lands or something to represent your gnomes. But now we have tokens! And we have a computer that is happy to put them out for you. So we commissioned art to go on the gnome tokens. And you know what that means: new adorable gnomes!

This piece was assigned to Ron Spencer with the note that it should look like a gnome from the same workbench that Metrognome is sitting on. Behold!

Urza's Saga Gnome Token | Art by Ron Spencer

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