Grand Prix Utrecht Photo Essay

Posted in Arcana on June 2, 2015

By Olle Rade, Tobi Henke and Craig Gibson

Not all the stories at Grand Prix Utrecht could be told with words. So we asked (modern) master photographer Craig Gibson to sum up the event in 21 pictures. Here's his story of the weekend—from a Dutch castle to the final draft table…. 

Kasteel de Haar dates from 1892 and is the work of Dutch architect P.J.H. Cuypers. It's not only beautiful but also built upon the original castle, where buildings date as old as 1391.

The biggest Magic tournament Europe has ever seen is about to unfold…. 

The doors to Grand Prix Utrecht opened Thursday morning, to the cheers of an enthusiastic crowd.

Liliana of the Veil was only one of the numerous Planeswalkers who traveled the multiverse to make an appearance at Modern Masters Weekend.

Thousands and thousands of packs of Modern Masters 2015 Edition were opened as many players experienced the new Limited format for the first time here in Utrecht.

Among the happiest of them all were a group of Germans from Berlin, lead by all around good guy Thoralf Severin and Iris Schwarz.

Pairings were checked, names were found, and over the course of the weekend most players walked several miles in total to get to their playing tables. Almost literally a Magic marathon!

When round one started on Saturday morning, 3,613 players were registered in the main tournament, making this the largest Magic event in Europe ever.

Large events also come withan enormous number of judges!

The cosplay continued with a nine-foot tall Satyr.

And love was in the air. Maximilien and Natalia met at a Magic tournament in Paris a few years ago. They are married now and were both playing this weekend in Utrecht.

Quite a few people showed up dressed to the nines….

Patrick Dickmann here may be known as one of the masters of the Modern format. His twin brother Fabian made a claim to be a Modern Masters master, however, and finished in the Top 8.

The Men in Black celebrating with the Lady in Red.

The appeal of Modern Masters 2015 Edition was clearly universal, transcending all boundaries of nationalities and ages.

Gorilla Titan would like to have a word with you….

There's so much joy in this picture. And Goblin War Paint!

Midnight Banshee in a deck otherwise completely lacking black creatures? Only at Modern Masters Weekend….

These two had traveled to a Grand Prix some years ago to work as judges. They never expected they would find their future partner!

The Top 8: Lars Rosengren, Branco Neirynck, Davide Vergoni, Christian Seibold, David Joachim, Iwan Smit, Christian Åhlström, and Fabian Dickmann (left to right).

The players in deep concentration during the all-deciding final draft of the weekend, anxious to Make Magic History….

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