The Great Library

Posted in Arcana on July 16, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Sure, Library of Alexandria is powerful, but it pales before the mighty Library of Congress.

Never heard of Library of Congress? That's because it only exists in Magic Online, and only in accounts of internal testers. Take a look at this bad boy:

It's like the Swiss army knife of Magic cards. Infinite damage, card drawing, tutoring, you name it. And, it's a basic land, so you can put as many as you want in your deck.

The card exists to allow easy testing of mechanics. For example, if you build a deck with one Wild Mongrel, one Arrogant Wurm, and 58 Libraries, you can test out madness quite easily by tutoring for and casting the cards right away.

Don't worry, the card is only useable in "test mode" which normal players don't even have access to, and all accounts containing a Library of Congress have the trade option disabled. So no one will be playing this monstrosity against you in the casual play room.

As an aside, the art on Library of Congress is from the Alpha air elemental, chosen because it is the first card (alphabetically) from the first set.

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