The Greenseeker's Travels

Posted in Arcana on April 12, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The devastated forests of post-apocalyptic Dominaria don't support much more life than some low, scrubby moss these days. But some have devoted their lives to the exceptions. The flavor text of several cards in Time Spiral Block focus on the plight of the greenseeker, a druid whose life's mission is to roam Dominaria in search of any thriving plant matter.

The card Greenseeker itself mentions an early glimmer of hope in the block's storyline—the fact that Freyalise still protected her adopted home of Skyshroud. Freyalise is at first unwilling to help the heroes Teferi, Jhoira and Venser, but she eventually sacrifices herself to close a rift that threatens to flood Skyshroud with Phyrexian horrors.

Firewake Sliver
In the flavor text of Firewake Sliver, the Yavimaya greenseeker Edahlis speaks to her compatriot Aznaph and recommends that they leave their sliver-ravaged Yavimaya for potential safety elsewhere.

Evil Eye of Urborg
In the flavor text of Evil Eye of Urborg, we see Aznaph respond to Edahlis that he wishes they had never left Yavimaya. No green to seek in Urborg, hapless greenseekers—after all, it's the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, a "wound in the universe" where Yawgmoth's blood "infects the land with his final curse."

Needlepeak Spider
Among other creatures they encounter in their travels, Aznaph and Edahlis run into a type of spider that lives among the eroded, spirelike crags of Dominaria.

Life and Limb
And the greenseekers do finally encounter some green—here on the disturbingly animated undergrowth of Life and Limb. It's up to Future Sight to put a bit more green back into the land; things may finally be looking up for Dominaria's greenseekers.

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