The Gruul Troll

Posted in Arcana on February 2, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Other than in the flavor text of Blazing Archon, Ravnica had precious few references to the Gruul. However, there's a Gruul guildmember hiding in that set that you may not have known about.

The art description for Ravnica's Hunted Troll reads like so:

Color: Green, but associated with the red/green guild
Location: Amid tall buildings
Action: Show an enormous overgrown troll stomping through city streets like King Kong. Use the sketch of the BG-guild troll, but apply the RG-guild look/feel. In the air around the troll, four blue-aligned, urbanized Pixie 'hunters' (tiny humanoids with dragonfly wings, but these have city clothing) try to stop the troll with tripwires, arrows, whatever you like.
Focus: the gigantic troll
Mood: Like a monster movie, but replace Kong with a troll and the helicopters with pixies

Dan Scott, who was on the concept illustration team for Ravnica, had created this sketch of a zombified troll for the Golgari guild. You may have seen it early on during Ravnica previews:

Ravnica style guide concept illustration by Dan Scott

Even during Ravnica's concept illustration stage, the look of the Gruul guild was in the works. Dan was tasked with re-imagining his zombie troll with the red-green look:

Ravnica style guide concept illustration by Dan Scott

Greg Staples' Hunted Troll, actually intended to be an early look at the Gruul, was the result:

Hunted Troll art by Greg Staples

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