Guild Symbols Are Everywhere

Posted in Arcana on October 23, 2012

By Monty Ashley

The guild symbols are all over Ravnica. And that means that they're all over Return to Ravnica, too! You might see the Azorius symbol being used as handcuffs on an unruly Ogre....

Inaction Injunction | Art by Wayne Reynolds

You might see the Rakdos symbol as a hole in a human's chest....

Dreadbore | Art by Wayne Reynolds

Guildgates, of course, are likely to have the symbol of their guilds....

Izzet Guildgate | Art by Noah Bradley

If you look carefully at a priest's breastplate, you might even see a symbol for a guild that isn't even in Return to Ravnica!

Cremate | Art by Cynthia Sheppard

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