Guildpact Token Art 1

Posted in Arcana on March 21, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Weird tokenWhen you crank out a token creature in Magic Online, the game doesn't tear off a piece of paper and scrawl "saporling" on it, or grab a face-down Swamp and call it good -- it mocks up a full-color card, complete with unique art, for that token creature. It follows that original art has to be commissioned for those token-generating cards. And it follows further that we'll show you high-resolution versions of them here in Magic Arcana.

Guildpact is home to several token-generating cards. Some use token art that was previously commissioned for Ravnica: City of Guilds; for example, Seize the Soul uses the same 1/1 white Spirit token with flying that Transluminant and Twilight Drover used.

But here are some that were all-new for Guildpact. The art team likes to have the same artist who illustrated the original token-generating card illustrate the token art, for visual similarity. Check it out.

Weird token art
Weird token art (for Thunderheads) by Hideaki Takamura

Pegasus token art
Pegasus token art (for Storm Herd) by Jim Nelson

Wurm token art
Wurm token art (for Wurmweaver Coil) by Mitch Cotie

Watch future Arcanas for other newly-commissioned art for Guildpact's Magic Online creature tokens.

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