Guildpact's Peeks at Dissension Guilds

Posted in Arcana on April 13, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Just before the release of Guildpact, we scanned Ravnica cards for subtle references to future guilds. Today we take another stroll down Flavor Lane on a scouting mission for clues about the upcoming guilds of Dissension.



The white-blue Azorius Senate crops up in several spots in Guildpact cards, if you look closely enough. It's not just the anti-Gruul attitude of flavor text attributed to "Trigori, Azorius senator" (Savage Twister, but see also Trigori sounding off in the flavor text of Ravnica's Mindmoil and Incite Hysteria). You can also see a tease of the Azorius costuming and race composition in Guildpact art:

Droning Bureaucrats
Hatching Plans

Repeal art by Dan Scott
Repeal: Azorius lawmages dissolve a Gruul troll
Art by Dan Scott



Guildpact flavor text is somewhat less forthcoming about the blue-green biomancers of the Simic guild: they're mentioned on Daggerclaw Imp and Poisonbelly Ogre. In addition, just one piece of art is unequivocally Simic, but it's a good close-up of a Simic elf on the black removal spell Douse in Gloom:

Douse in Gloom art by Kev Walker
Douse in Gloom: Orzhov thrulls dip a Simic elf in a vat of ichor
Art by Kev Walker



The red-black Cult of Rakdos is similarly shrouded in mystery, with again only two Guildpact references to them in flavor text. One is Martyred Rusalka (whose story is told by Matt Cavotta in this in-character edition of the Taste the Magic column), and the other is the aforementioned Daggerclaw Imp. Rakdos is just as scarce in Guildpact card art, but one Rakdos guildmember is shown getting attacked, due to his cologne of griffin prey-pheromone, in the art of Harrier Griffin.

Harrier Griffin art by Jim Nelson
Harrier Griffin: A griffin attacks a Rakdos warrior
Art by Jim Nelson

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