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Posted in Arcana on November 14, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Recently there has been a little bit of discussion on this site about anachronisms in Magic, meaning items that seem "out of place" or "out of time" in the world of Magic. Many people point to cards like Rocket Launcher, Vindicate, and Urza's Rage as cards that have futuristic imagery that feels a little off-kilter compared to most others.

But none of them come close to these cards from Portal Second Age:

Very little has been written about Portal Second Age's themes and conventions. Here is a snippet from the Magic: The Gathering Official Encyclopedia Volume 3:

"White is the color of Alaborn, a highly advanced human kingdom on Caliman's southern plains. For thousands of years they lived peacefully, with no contact with other cultures. This peaceful existence came to an end when they encountered the goblins of the mountains. Only their military inventions saved them from complete destruction. More recently, they have also begun to battle the swamp queen Tojira."

Whit all their spiffy guns, I don't think Tojira has much of a chance.

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