Gustha's Scepter, win the game

Posted in Arcana on November 7, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Gustha's Scepter

Several people have written in in response to Mark's Monday column to ask, "How did Brian Hacker win a game on the second turn when all he played on the first turn was Gustha's Scepter?"

Alan Comer was at the tournament where it happened, and he was nice enough to explain it to us.

"Brian played a Gustha's Scepter and said 'go' on his first turn, and then at the end of his opponent's turn he 'hid' a Windfall under the Scepter. On his second turn, he drew the card he was hoping for -- Tolarian Academy. He played the Academy and a bunch of artifacts, including Lion's Eye Diamond. He then sacrificed the Diamond for three blue man and discarded what was left in his hand, then tapped the Scepter to retrieve the Windfall and that was all he needed."

Hacker's deck packed Twiddle, of all things, for untapping the Academy. With a new hand of seven cards, it was easy for him to generate more mana, untap the Academy, and draw more cards.

Hacker's deck was also remarkable for its inclusion of Yawgmoth's Will, which allowed him to put all his Lotus Petals and Lion's Eye Diamonds back into play once he started "going off." Killing his opponent was no problem once he hit that point.

This story just goes to show how insane many of the combo pieces in Urza's Saga really were.

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