Hair apparent

Posted in Arcana on February 21, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

In the original Odyssey Style Guide, Kamahl had short-cropped red hair. (See Jeremy Cranford's Style Guide article for a picture.) But when Kev Walker sent in the card art for Kamahl, Pit Fighter, our hero was bald. The creative team liked Kamahl's new shiney-domed look, but what about other art featuring the barbarian legend?

The biggest impact was on the card Kamahl's Desire. Dave Dorman painted on the hair, just like he was supposed to according to the Style Guide. It took a good deal of tinkering with the art to get Kamahl's head shaved just right.

As a side effect, Barbarian Lunatic's art was changed as well. The original Lunatic art (by Ron Spears) showed a bald barbarian wielding a huge sword and axe, and suddenly that picture looked too much like Kamahl! So he was given a shaggy head of hair to prevent confusion. Now that's a hair transplant!

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