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Posted in Arcana on February 17, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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Yesterday, we revealed that Angels would be the subject of our next From the Vault, raising eyebrows of Angel aficionados the world over. It sent the internet into a bit of a tizzy trying to guess what Angels would be included and what the mysterious new art represented.

While we're a ways off from revealing the contents, we did get into the whole guessing game, which led, of course, to the creation of an Angels quiz. Because the Arcana always loves angelic answers (and any alliterations).

Just note that this quiz was written completely blind of the final list for From the Vault: Angels. It in no way constitutes any hints as to what's actually in the set. We swear.

As usual, the answers can be found below the pretty Angel art.

  1. There are 113 creatures with the type "Angel" (not counting changelings or Mistform "ruins trivia" Ultimus) as of Fate Reforged, almost all of which are white or at least partially white. How many Angels are not white at all?
  2. Only one color has no monocolored Angels. What color?
  3. How many of those nonwhite Angels can you name?
  4. How many five-color Angels exist?
  5. Two Angels are tied for the highest converted mana cost among Angels. What are they and how much do they cost? What about the lowest cost?
  6. During Time Spiral block the iconic Serra Angel was time-shifted into what color and creature type?
  7. Here's one for your Pro Tour history buffs out there: What was the first World Championship-winning deck to contain four of any particular Angel? What was that Angel and why was it played in that deck?
  8. Angels fly, right? Out of the 113 Angels in Magic, how many of them don't fly?

Avacyn, Guardian Angel | Art by Winona Nelson


  1. Seven.
  2. Green, although there are six Angels with green in their casting cost.
  3. Akroma, Angel of Fury; Copper-Leaf Angel; Crypt Angel; Desolation Angel; Fallen Angel; Illusory Angel; and Platinum Angel.
  4. Just one: Maelstrom Archangel.
  5. Iona, Shield of Emeria and Reya Dawnbringer both cost 6WWW. The two Akromas each only cost 5WWW and 5RRR, respectively. Four Angels cost just two mana, with Angelic Curator, Angelic Page, and Sustaining Spirit costing 1W. Serra Avenger costs WW.
  6. A blue sphinx: Serra Sphinx.
  7. The very first World Champion, Zak Dolan played four of the iconic Serra Angel. Why? Because it worked so well with his two copies of Stasis.
  8. We'll accept both one and two as answers. Gabriel Angelfire can fly, but doesn't all the time and doesn't come in to play with the ability. Sustaining Spirit is the only Angel that cannot fly and does not have a natural way to gain the ability to do so. To be fair, it was originally printed as a "Guardian," and only later gained the Angel creature type.

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